The Morrisby Profiler Package

What should I do when I leave school?

What would I be good at?

What career would I enjoy?

With a constantly changing world of work and ever expanding options and choices students often find it difficult to make career decisions that will fulfill their Career Dreams!

The Morrisby Profiler is one of the most widely-known and used career guidance systems today.  For over 50 years the Morrisby Profiler has been used to assess aptitudes, learning styles and personal working styles to inform career choice.  Regularly reviewed and registered with the Psychological Testing Centre the tool has been refined and improved to provide up-to-date and accurate career support. The scientific analysis of this profile provides genuine insights into potential future work performance which goes far beyond any analysis of interests alone.

Career Dreams Ltd is the leading provider of the Morrisby in New Zealand, a tool that can identify talent and potential and provide occupational matches for your son or daughter.  91% of students taking the assessment said they had a better idea of what they would do after leaving school and 99% were glad to have taken the tests. 

Our programme takes a lot of the guess-work out of career choice providing students with feedback on how their personality and abilities fit with people already in those careers – whether it is law, engineering, administrative work or a trade.

The report is designed to help answer the questions of ‘What would interest me?’, ‘What would I be good at?’ and ‘What career would I enjoy’?  It does this through measuring a students career interests and the pattern of their abilities.

All of our coaches have New Zealand experience and are familiar with the market here and the study options. We can give you New Zealand based coaching to support interpretation of your report and identify the next steps to reaching your Career Dreams.

Morrisby Online 

Morrisby online requires you to sit an online assessment which takes approximately 2 hours. You can do this from home - you just need to contact us first and pay and we will send you your login details.

Then when you have finished we will have the results and can book in your feedback session immediately. We have two options - this can be done via Skype, or completed in person if you are in Auckland.

The Morrisby online include access to the online report, and a feedback session with one of our trained coaches, all for only $279.


You can sit Morrisby Online anytime.


Parents are encouraged to attend the feedback session. 

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How Do I Sign Up?

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