How can career assessment help you?

What are my career options? Just identifying your Career Dreams can be a difficult process. Career Dreams offers a range of services to help support you to make decisions that are right for you. 

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The Morrisby Profiler Package

This is our most popular package and we are excited to offer this both through our new online version.  Morrisby online looks at your unique abilities and talents, linking this to both a personality measurement and interest questionnaire.  You receive a detailed report outlining your strengths and providing you with insight into career options that will fulfill your Career Dreams. You also are able to utilise your own personal career hub that will save your results, allow you to take the interest and personality questionnaire again and provides you with the tools to plan your career dreams!

The Morrisby Profile is regularly reviewed and registered by the Psychological Testing Centre, a division of The British Psychological Service.

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Career Dreams Coaching

Do you need an independent coach to help you explore your Career Dreams?  Career coaching is a positive and interaction process that assists you to determine your career goals, dreams and action plans.  The purpose of coaching is to enable you to plan and make decisions about your Career Dreams.  At Career Dreams Ltd we use robust tools to help support your career decision making and provide you with the resources to choose the Career Dreams that are right for you. 

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