Planning for 2015

Posted by Alisa Bartholomew on 9 March 2015 | Comments

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This year has been off to a roaring start for the Career Dreams team (thus my lack of blogging). For us it feels like a more positive economy, and we are seeing some more movement out there in the employment market.

What this has meant for the company, is that we have had to become really clear about the company vision, our goals for 2014, and our business focus. This got me to thinking that often I have people who are striving to take the next step in their career or job search, but don’t actually focus on the key things that will benefit them, and therefore don’t have a focused action plan.

The challenges are different for both job seekers and those looking to career plan, and so I have put together some quick tips for each of those markets, based on feedback from clients and recruiters alike:

3 Tips for Keeping it Simple for Job Seekers

  • Be clear about the type of role you want to apply for and be targeted in your job search approach to really hone in on this role.
  • You need to tell great interview stories – these need to be specific and answer the interviewers question. A great tool is to use the STAR formula when answering interview questions.

                                   Situation (describe it)
                                   Task (explain it)
                                   Action (the doing part)
                                   Result (the awesome outcome)

  • Focus on recruiters that specialise in the market you want to target. Some recruiters are more focused on certain industries, so make sure you are contacting the right ones.

3 Tips for Keeping it Simple for Career Planners

  • Identify actions that are going to directly contribute to your long-term career goal. If they don’t you may be wasting time.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many actions in one month. Rome wasn’t built in a day remember – and your career needs to be managed like a construction project – you can’t build the roof before the foundations.
  • Try to keep that long-term goal in your mind when you are faced with time constraints. So make sure that you really need to be reading that book rather than going to a networking event rather than just wanting to do it. If the networking event is going to be more beneficial to achieving your goal, prioritise this instead.

So we are all set with our planning for the year (and years to come) – its time to get stuck into yours!