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Posted by Alisa Bartholomew on 19 June 2015 | Comments

Next week I am starting our second career module with Kingsway College - we are looking at talents and I will be asking the students to think about all the activities that they are involved in that show off their talents. Being able to talk about what you are good at it such an important part of career development - not only does it build your confidence, but you get to think about all the things that you really enjoy.

By identifying what we enjoy and what we are good at, we can start to think about what this might look like in a career. After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time involved in your career - so it is always good to enjoy it!

Thank you to all the students at Kingsway who have participated in this programme. If you are a school and would like to talk to us about the workshops we offer, please contact Alisa today - or 021 802 188.