Morrisby Assessments

Posted by Alisa Bartholomew on 2 July 2015 | Comments

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The school holidays in July are a great time to start to think about what you are going to do when you leave school. Thinking about the pieces that will help support great decision making include working out what you like doing, thinking about what excites and motivates you, knowing your values and personality, and understanding your skills.

But how do you use that information to work out what type of career you want? Research is a crucial part of working out your career dreams, so knowing what is involved with a job can help you match up your skills interests and values. Create a check list to make sure there is a match, and then you can work out how to get into that type of career. Or design a vision board - these can be created as a pictorial or on Pinterest or Happy Tapper. Put together all the things you want in a career into this visual representation, and then start your research to look at the options that match.

If you are still stuck the original Morrisby assessment might be right for you. We are running two assessment sessions in the holidays to help students that are struggling with the next steps. The Morrisby package priced at only $549 provides you with a 20 page report plus a one-on-one feedback session with a Morrisby accredited coach. Contact Alisa today on 021 802 188 to secure your place!